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Welcome to Passipedia, the Passive House resource! Passipedia constitutes a vast array of cutting edge, scientifically sound, Passive House relevant articles.
On Passipedia, basic Passive House information and insights are available for all to see, whereas members of the International Passive House Association (iPHA) receive special access to the more in depth sections.

Constantly growing, Passipedia is the tool with which new Passive House findings from around the world are being presented, as well as where the highlights of more than 20 years of research on Passive Houses are being posted, often for the first time ever in English.
iPHA is constantly working to add to the information available on Passipedia, so please keep visiting in the future to find the latest articles and watch Passipedia grow!

You want to get to know the Passive House concept in short time? As a start, we recommend the video Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds by Hans-Jörn Eich.


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New articles for members
Passive House – the next decade, upload on: 2014/07/21 / conference proceeding
PHI window certification: previous success and new climate zones, upload on: 2014/06/06 / conference proceeding
Experience with drain water heat recovery, upload on: 2014/06/05 / conference proceeding
“designPH” – a plugin for Trimble Sketchup 3D modelling tool to input building geometry into PHPP, upload on: 2014/06/05 / conference proceeding
International EnerPHit Certification Criteria for Energy Retrofit with Passive House Components, upload on: 2014/06/03 / conference proceeding
Variant calculations and economic assessment with PHPP 9, upload on: 2014/06/02 / conference proceeding
Comparison of in-situ measurements and hygrothermal simulations of four different interior insulation systems, upload on: 2014/06/02 / conference proceeding
Internal insulation applied to a listed school building: in situ measurements and numerical analysis, upload on: 2014/05/27 / conference proceeding
Optimization of roller shutters and exterior blinds, upload on: 2014/05/26 / conference proceeding
Energy refurbishment of heritage buildings with PHPP's and real measurements' feedback, upload on: 2014/05/26 / conference proceeding
Application of Heat Pipe Technology on Frost Protection of Heat Exchangers for Passive House Ventilation Systems, upload on: 2014/05/26 / conference proceeding
Cascade ventilation – air exchange efficiency in living rooms without separate supply air inlets and exhaust air outlets, upload on: 2014/05/21 / conference proceeding
Challenging connection details and their impact on the heating demand, upload on: 2014/05/20 / conference proceeding
Integrating wood beams into the airtight layer, upload on: 2014/05/09
Airtightness of OSB boards, upload on: 2014/04/30

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